Me in a nutshell in English

Kuvaaja Anu Hedbofg

Heidi Mannelin, nr 524

Delivery executive

Who am I ? – Mother of 2 teens, 51 years old IT professional from Espoo, Lähderanta. Sailing, orienteering, running (marathons 2015, 2016), volunteer work as hobbies.

Where do I come from? – 23 years in Espoo area, but originally from Kymenlaakso with roots from Karelia.

What kind of person I am? – Optimistic, extroverted, open-minded

Why could I represent you? – Common sense with interest in making Espoo better for all of us. Technology enthusiast, rich in ideas, solution minded. Equality, people first, freedom of choice.

Priorities and values

  • supporting enterprises to employ
  • equality of possibilities for all gender, ethnicity, religion, areas, ages
  • technology enabled service innovations instead of downsizing services
  • Espoo to help citizens to realize their dreams
  • nature and sports easily approachable in all areas of Espoo
  • we take care of our young and old, nobody is left alone

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